Kids franchise business

Kid franchise businesses allow you to merge your love of helping children with a profitable business model. There's no doubt about it that catering to kids can be big business. Child franchises help keep your kid centered business simple. With proven business strategies and recognizable brand names, any of the following kids franchise business ideas will help you start your own business.

Ident-A-Kid - Child safety is important and this business allows you to put parents' minds at ease. Ident-A-Kid can provide you with everything that you need to help parents create traditional Ident-A-Kid or new eKid-ID that contains important information about their child to be used in case of emergency.

Kidokinetics - Everyone knows how important it is these days for kids to get active. The important part is making it fun. Kidokinetics allows you to do just that for groups of children in your local community. Kidokinetics helps you teach groups of children (ages 3 and up) fun sports activities that increase their activity level and help them develop self confidence.

Jump Bunch - Jump Bunch is another great sports-oriented kid's franchise opportunity. You don't have to have any teaching or sports experience to start out. Jump Bunch can be tailored to local groups, public and private elementary schools and church groups who want to outsource gym glasses. Jump Bunch was in the Top 500 of Entrepreneur's magazines rankings in 2009.

Kiddie Academy - Day care programs are important as most families have to be two income households to survive financially. Since 1981, Kiddie Academy has allowed interested entrepreneurs to start their own education based child care learning centers. The franchise training includes curriculum, operational support and training.

The Actor's Garage - The Actor's Garage focuses on teaching children self confidence and emotional bonding through acting. You'll have the opportunity to reach out to shy students and let their inner actor shine. The acting curriculum focuses on commercial and television acting, with an emphasis on concentration, relaxation and improvisation. Basic acting lessons can help kids develop better problem solving techniques, team work experience and positive self image.

Personal Best Karate - Have a penchant for martial arts and want to start your own studio? Personal Best Karate can help. Parents have a wide variety of activities to choose from when it comes to their children's free time. More and more of them are turning to karate because it builds self esteem and character. Personal Best Karate assists you with developing a reputable and reliable martial arts business that can make a real difference in your community.

Kids 'N' Clay - This franchise opportunity helps you let kids explore the art world. Kids 'N' Clay is a ceramics studio that encourages children to develop their creative spirit. You'll host classes for 3 to 18 year olds. The small class size ensures that everyone will get individual attention. You'll receive business training, operating instructions for the ceramics studio tools and marketing support. By being involved with Kids 'N' Clay, you'll help children discover a love for art in a supportive and creative environment.

Kids franchise business


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